Saturday, October 6, 2007

Naruto & Bleach on Wii.

Ok, maybe it's time to save up (after paying off certain sums I owe someone ^^) for something other than a new laptop. Something like a Wii playstation for instance, that innovative gaming system where you actually exercise, through varied hand movements and body movements while playing anything from tennis to all time favourite hero combo games from popular all time favourites like Dragonball-Z and Marvel vs Capcom.

Imagine your average arcade 2 player fighting games (which I absolutely suck at- joysticks of the inanimate kind are not my forte) like King of Fighters, then picture having to do all the combos with your hands as the controls and not the joystick, which may look pretty silly at first but it's infinitely more appealing cause hey it's fun and it's a whole lot easier (to me at least) to churn out the correct combos with hands that are decidedly more agile than a joystick.

So when Anthony told me he intends to get the naruto shippuuden and bleach wii games, perhaps even the Jap version before the English one (which will be monthssss more), like any avid fan of the series, I told him I'd certainly visit his place and camp there the whole day. Good workout, Splendid fun, Excellent animation, and based off two favourite anime series, now how much more entertaining can that be.

I'll leave you with some youtube videos of the action between the various characters and trust me they have all the major characters, naruto, sakura, kakashi, all the akatsuki, even ten-ten looks like a veritable sexy bitch when fighting, flashy and smug. ^^ Without further ado.

Deidara vs Gaara

And their moves are both so flashy!!! Especially Deidara's bird. And them Ka Chwar (spiders). Guess who won in the end, just like in the anime and manga. ^^

Naruto vs Kakashi

Naruto vs his 'sensei'. Lol this fight basically entailed alot of hopping about and dodging though there were some nice parts like Naruto's Demon Fox coat and Kakashi's devastatingly spectacular chidori.

Itachi vs Kisame

Akatsuki vs Akatsuki. How much more entertaining can a fight between baddies be? Kisame hits hard and his Special is spectacular but it is Itachi's mangekyo sharingan that steals the cake. And true to form his attacks are like those of an assassin, swift and from the back.

Itachi vs TenTen

TenTen, the weapons specialist of the Gai team generally isn't one of the stronger characters in the series/manga but she sure does have some very flashy moves. And the wii game reflects that, fast and flashy moves that deal less damage say in comparison to Kisame's slower but harder hitting ones. Still that big sword of hers hits hard. ^^

Then of course, there's bleach. And the Wii version looks so good... Basically you can bash anyone up, regardless of which side one is on.

Ichigo v Ulquiorra

This one isn't Wii acually, rather it's from the Bleach computer game(?) Heat the loss. Still the graphics is great, and everyone loves seeing these two face off

Ulquiorra v Grimmjow

The Number 4 and Number 6 Espada face off. While the front looks like alot of bitch slapping, you realise its generally right, cause unlike shinigami, arrancar don't fight with their zanpaktous released in their human form. Grimmjow's attacks are the expected direct, frontal hard hitting ones. Ulquiorra's are well, really cool. Much like the disinterested, destroy and take apart from a distance kind. And his special is the best. No prizes for guessing who won.

Urahara vs Ukitake

Spectacular fight between two taichou class shinigami, this is where you get to see the graphic swordplay and zanpaktou effects in action. ^^

Byakuya vs Ulquiorra

Get to see Byakuya's very pretty bankai in action and more of Ulquiorra's special. Which makes the fights very eventful.

Ichigo v Byakuya

And of course, who can forget the classic rivalry between Ichigo and Byakuya, immortalised in those two 50-something episodes in the fight between the two in soul society. You get to see both bankais in action, but Ichigo's is so fast, it looks almost brutally unfair. ^^

So you see why Anthony's quite hung up over getting the two games, never mind that it's in Jap first and why I fully intend to go over and test run it with him. ^^ Never mind, that we can't understand a word or what they're saying, how hard is it to come up with the hand combos from the manual? Wel, perhaps a little, but still you get to be even if for a couple of minutes those very same characters bashing each other up from the anime series that one avidly follows without fail, every week.

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