Monday, October 8, 2007

Birthday blues

Other than for a select few, I always dread buying presents for people when the annual slew of birthdays come around. For one, you're always at a loss for what to get which is within your budget and when you do, you wonder if they'll just chuck it aside or whatnot. And buying for family members tend to be worse, since unlike friends, you stay together (for now at least) and get treated to the ignominy of seeing those pressies get deposited firmly but politely in some obscure corner of the room/house/loo.

So what do you get for the woman who spends $500 bucks on a cappuccino machine, goes through shoes like Imelda Marcos and thinks nothing about plonking down a few hundreds for cosmetics from Origins and Clinique? Body shop? Not unless I want an additional soon-to-be smothered in dust fixture in the loo. I don't know, you tell me.

And where got time to shop in 2 days?? Huh huh, not with all the CPCM and FMS cum tutorials crap. The last frenzied lap of City of Villains hasn't exactly helped either. Suggestions, anyone?


wildgoose said...

Vouchers from Tangs or Taka? or for mani/pedicures?

Suzie Wong said...

All women like a spa treat, massage. And yeah, agree with WG, manicure's good choice too.

Aelgtoer said...

Thanks for the input ladies:) Decided to get her vouchers as WG suggested. She has her own spa package, so I think she's very well taken care of in that area. ^^