Sunday, November 2, 2008

Curry & Chocolate

Not exactly a very good combination I know but when the craving hits and good company beckons, all sensible culinary caution is thrown to the wind. The weekend has been an expensive yet enjoyable whirlwind flurry of activity. I haven't had such a whale of a time or let my hair down (figuratively speaking) for such a long time now.

Yes I haven't been blogging for a long while due to something called work and Warhammer which between the two of them basically consume 95% of my waking hours. But of course work and gaming isn't very healthy or fulfilling for that matter. Hanging out and some decent heartfelt interaction with real friends helps to put things into perspective and add that zest back into life. The regular lunch outings with the ex-PM and fellow colleagues helped in the sense that it alleviated the otherwise stifling monotony of work life but being able to go on a rampage and not having to talk about boobs and desirable, hot females in general was a very welcome change.

So it was a real blast to hang out with kate and friends, bitching , raving and laughing at stupid things in general, ranting without the need to be 'politically correct', ribbing without the need for recourse. Picture this, a motley crew of four, an experienced, worldly, aunt-aggy kind of diva, one, a jaded yet chatty 'ah-lian' unhappy with her retarded ah beng husband, a solemn but laid back ang-moh just out of a tumultuous relationship with a veritable dominatrix and yours truly, a bitchy, couldn't care less lawyer.

Now consider the various settingsm, moving from one watering hole to the next on a noisy Halloween night before settling for a relatively quiet turkish cafe at arab street puffing on two consecutive sheeshas (turkish water pipes), imbibing two bottles of glorious red wine and puffing away on the 'second' cigarette after deciding the bubble gummy sheeshas were a push over. I haven't laughed or bitched so hard for ages.

We ranted, drank, smoked and laughed till the relatively unearthly hour of three, though anna (the ah lian) and Thomas (the angmoh) felt that the sheeshas were way too mild, preferring instead to puff on their cigarettes while Kate ribbed, sniped and held court as the resident queen. Overall everything was a blast, though I must add that the combined whammy of rich food, two sheeshas, wine and a menthol ciggy was sufficient to induce an interesting semi-high that left me semi drugged the morning after.

A 'happy juice' infused Anna and a headless Kate. 'Grape' Sheesha in the foreground. Cherry was the other one i ordered. But seriously they both tasted exactly the same. Sweet and bubble gummy. Which was where the menthol ciggy came in- cool, pungent and smooth.

A very bad picture of the shy angmoh, intent on his doner kebab. Notice the alcohol glazed gaze of dear old Anna as she smiles at no one in particular.

Then it was wonderful mutton curry cooked by Kate's mother's indian friend at her place today, followed by a sudden, impromptu trip downtown for the Chocolate and Cheese buffet at Marriott with the same gang. Which naturally entailed a lot more spirited conversation and 2 bottles of happy juice.

Booze, great food and excellent company. What more can one ask for? Except maybe for sex. Well all in good time. ^^

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