Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Unholy Triumvirate

This is an exposition.. of three guys.

Gay and absolutely fabulous... or so they wished, content instead to howl in laughter at the wickedly satirical television series of the same.

They came from disparate backgrounds.

One precocious and unconventional, that wild streak ever present, subduing parents into resigned acceptance. The other mysterious yet bitchy, eloquent yet dirty, hedonism tempered with pragmatic rationalism. The last inquisitive and wild, luxuriating in quiet defiance at a strait jacketed family, carnal but measured.

Perhaps the fact that they were gay, eschewed the conventional with a propensity to bitch were all they had in common. And all that was needed.

They had their usual share of scandals. One caught naked by his mom in a very inconvenient situation, the other with his infamous lube in the tube incident, the last eloped with the rugby captain for a week before returning to the fold.

Years have passed since. Times have changed. One is now single, getting back to the scene. The other newly attached, settled and 'serene', the last zen about it all. All still fiercely independent.

Relationships are quixotic, resilient yet fragile. Who knows what those fickle winds of change will etch in the shifting sands of time?

Yet for now, the triumvirate still stands. Bitchy, irreverent, diabolical. And for that my friends, partners in crime and fellow sisters, I toast you now.

Viva le sisterhood.


wildgoose said...

So are we supposed to guess which scandal is yours? =D
Bitching can be cathartic. :)

sinlady said...

bravo. never change.

Aelgtoer said...

WG: Heh I believe I mentioned it before, so no prizes for guessing :P

And yes bitching can certainly be cathartic and therapeutic from time to time of course. :)

SL: Thanks. I hope so too.