Monday, August 20, 2007

Odex: The Video, the Drama.

The "PR disaster" has never been more extreme, the crackdown never more extensive. Everywhere one goes, the Odex saga has left its indelible print on Singaporeans and Netizens world wide. It isn't simply the case of Odex vs Anime Fans any more, non-anime fans and people who don't watch a single episode of anime are expressing their disapproval over the arguably unethical and certainly infinitely unpopular way Odex has been conducting the entire process.

NCHproductions has released a flash video (embedded here for convenience) parodying 'Xedo' and the recent events surrounding the entire saga. He (I assume) manages to capture the way many an average anime fan who ever downloaded anime is currently feeling and does it in a tongue in cheek way, that is entertaining while not being crass.

While some people think the usage of the Holocaust theme in the video is in poor taste, I personally believe that it is not offensive and does not ridicule or make light of the Holocaust, a major monstrosity of Nazi Germany. The Holocaust did take place and is something to be remembered and a lesson to be learnt; the subject is not taboo and indeed should be brought up if only to remind everyone that such inhumanity must never take place again.

NCHproduction's short video clip portrays the current situation in this light to depict the oppression felt by anime fans and the general climate of fear as well as the public perception that Odex is not behaving very ethically by conducting itself the way it did. The comments made by Stephen Sing, a director of the company have certainly not helped either. So NCHproduction's video clip does not in my opinion make light of the Holocaust and is not in poor taste, rather his witty video conveys in a nutshell the general odex situation and the public's perception, all under 2 mins.

Meanwhile, the furore continues and we'll know the results of the Odex court order application against Pacnet on Thursday. It is very very very likely that Pacnet will be forced to release the name of its 1000 subscribers based on the previous two precedents (Singnet and Starhub) but stay tuned for that update.

As an edmwer posted not too long ago, I can't remember whom, the whole affair is so full of Drama, the angst, the plethora of Odex letters, the outrageous comments, the corresponding hate posts, the Showdown. And this campy pic nicely sums it up.

When will we see the light of day? Only Odex knows.

Update: Odexed? 8 Things you Should Know. Legal issues clarified further.

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