Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drilling me Crazy.

Alright I'm going nuts. All this drilling and hammering from the renovation works next door is literally driving me up the wall. In land scarce Singapore, houses and residences are usually side by side even for landed/private property. Unless you happen to be one of the elite few and own a mansion or bungalow, unfettered and unattached on all sides. Which yours truly isn't.

People think living in a landed property is swell. It isn't, I don't know where they got that idea from. Well perhaps it is if you own a mansion and you're loaded enough to do it up very nicely. But for the average terrace house, it isn't fantastic. For one, the terrace house I stay in is cramped, sandwiched on both sides by neighbours with very thin walls. Second, my house is farking ulu la. It's like I live in a jungle, the nearest bus stop is a brisk 10-15 mins walk away. I'd much rather live in a decent 5 room flat with all the nearby amenities and well connected.

Anyway, apparently the next door neighbour moved out recently(I didn't even know till Vic told me) and they've commenced drilling and hammering in all earnest since Tuesday with clockwise precision at 9.30 AM. Which bloody sucks, the major boon of PLC is the ability to self-study, preferably in bed, which means not getting out of bed before noon.

A little noise usually doesn't bother me, I can sleep through most things. But the cacophony of unadulterated noise those idiots are making is enough to wake the dead. It certainly makes attempting to stay in bed beyond 10 AM impossible. But it was still not just barely bearable till this morning. At least then they stopped every now and then and the drilling was limited to one location.

This morning, it's like all hell broke loose. They've been drilling incessantly and to make matters worse, they're drilling both upstairs in the bathroom and downstairs in the kitchen. Which results in a concerted symphony of utter pandemonium, the two drills synchronising with one another to devastating effect. Apart from the head splitting inducing cacophony, the entire place is vibrating, walls, floor, pretty much everything. Even the toothbrush holder got dislodged.

I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be so eager to leave the house with haste when no one else is around and actually look forward to going for class. But that's exactly what I'm doing now, just to flee this incessant, terrible maelstrom of noise. As soon as I get my stuff out of the bathroom, no way I'm bathing in an enclosed room that vibrates violently and only serves to amplify the maddening noise. It just makes you want to scream... and kill someone.

It's sad to be restricted within one's own house, let alone be forced to flee for the sake of one's sanity. Good god I hope they go fucking deaf. But they're probably used to it... sheesh.

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