Sunday, August 12, 2007


The weekend getaway was one which Sean and I had been looking forward to. Given our rather tight financial budget and the fact that we weren't free to take Monday off, we settled for a weekend stay at a budget hotel close to town. Which on hindsight wasn't really a budget hotel after all.
I suppose what made the room more interesting was the personal open-air courtyard attached to the room, complete with an outdoor rain shower. Which as you can see from the picture, we quickly put to good use.
We enjoyed the sun, attempted to sun tan, got horny and had sex with the shower on instead. Showered, then had sex again. There is something deliciously naughty about fucking in the sun, with the knowledge that you're so damn close to town, the iconic towering Swissotel Stamford visible over the wall against an azure blue sky.
The darkened glass sliding doors served as mirrors, reflecting the courtyard on that sunny afternoon and adding an almost pornographic feel to that atmosphere. Which of course just made us hornier. Like Sean commented, this hotel really knows what its customers want. Ha ha. The fact that the courtyard was directly opposite the other room's courtyard (which meant if you peeped over the wall, you would be looking into the other courtyard) wasn't a hindrance cause like we joked, if there were people staying next door and they came out at the same time as us and with the same intention, we'd have a competition. And you can be sure it won't be Karaoke.
The getaway naturally entailed a lot of sex. We fucked in the sun, fucked under the shower, on the bed; we would have in the toilet if not for the fact that it consisted of a space measuring no more than 1 meter by 1 meter. Which basically meant there's barely enough space for two standing adults, let alone two sweaty adults in various acrobatic positions.
Of course sex wasn't the only thing we did. There is only so many times one can go a day. The days of the Energizer Bunny are, for better or worse, gone. Which was where the pigging out and clubbing bit came in. The food we had was good, from the expensive but splendid spread at Town restaurant at Fullerton to the Yu Kee Kway Chap just a couple of streets away from the hotel. If there's one thing other than sex that Sean and I can agree on wholeheartedly, it's good food.
Clubbing at Play (having taken over the erstwhile Happy) proved to be an utter bore. I think I've probably clubbed so hard and blown so much on drinks previously that I've kinda passed that phase. Don't get me wrong. Clubbing once in a while is still fine and dandy. The last one at St James a few months ago wasn't too bad.
The crowd was there, your usual mix of youngsters, macho Marys, fag hags, a few straight couples, couple of queens and the boy-next-door gang. It's just that the music at Play was really Blah. I only recognised one Celine Dion song and the Big Girls don't cry hit by Fergie. About the only entertainment that night was provided by a youngster no more than nineteen years old who had a bit too much to drink. Swaying precariously like a reed in the wind, he brushed aside his friend who was trying to drag him off the floor, jumped on the stage and proceeded to dance like a drugged whore. Which I think he excelled in, with him ripping off his shirt and proceeding to lick another guy on the face. Mmm..slut.
Don't think I'll be clubbing anytime soon. Anyhow, the Getaway was nice albeit too short, I hope to get a decent short getaway out of the country during the call break if possible. But still any time spent with Sean is always time well spent and enjoyable to boot. So I return, my ass a little sore but sated and hopefully recharged for the remainder of the PLC course.


Anonymous said...

the hotel sounds really nice! ok, maybe just the outdoor rain shower. :P
can u tell me where is that? been thinking of similar budget getaways..

Aelgtoer said...

Yep, I think the star attraction is probably the private courtyard with the outdoor rain shower.:)The room itself is quite small and the toilet is tiny la.

We stayed at Hotel 81 @ Bugis, it's one of their newer outlets and done up nicely so the rooms and decor definitely won't be as terok as the geylang ones.

Hope this helps. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Great thanks!
*so exciting...