Monday, September 22, 2008

Warhammer Online: Not WoW.

I was nodding off while drafting the 25 page long and still counting affidavit when a colleague walked in and glancing at the posters I'd pasted on the otherwise dreary office wall (since they game with the game and I knew if I brought it home, it'd end up gathering dust somewhere) went "Oh cool. Warhammer online. Isn't that like World of Warcraft?"

Which was probably like the 101th person who's asked me that since I started playing the game in preview weekend. Sure enough, the basic running around and game play is the same so much so that players transferring from WoW to WAR will be right at home with the controls and UI.

But the content though is a whole different ball game and IMO more interactive with more things to do and see than WoW. And that has been the general consensus thus far amongst the WAR-WoW. Though like they say a picture says a thousand words. Nothing ever beats playing the actual game though.

Semantha's adventures in the land of WAR.

One aspect which is so different and refreshing about WAR is the open group concept and the ability to participate in the numerous Public Quests happening simultaneously across the different zones. Add the pvp (RvR) concept in and you get to slug it out on constantly changing battlegrounds (not the instanced BGs in WoW) throughout the zones. Raiding and defending keeps with both NPCs and enemy players to deal with is a real blast.

Raiding a keep controlled by the forces of Order to reclaim it for Destruction. The interactive element starts from the very beginning. I ran off to purchase a Chaos light battering ram to assist in ramming down the door of the keep after despatching the hot oil cauldron above. Cauldron destroyed and door battered, we charge in ready for battle.

Our first two waves got repulsed by a nightmarish and well organised group of order players who kept us on the stairs for the most part of half an hour till the keep door reset. No!!

Then it was off to purchase more Boom Boom. A hellblaster this time and was thrilled everytime I blew up an Order player who happened to be too still for too long.

Victory screen shot after capturing the keep. woot.

For the BG lovers, there's still the timed scenario kind of RvR (PvP) action. Nothing like slicing enemies to bits. Assuming you don't get hacked/balsted to death first.

Nothing like being in the midst of the action.

More RvR scenario action. (Arathi Basin anyone?)

And of course there's always the public quests with the influence rewards and the chance to get some nifty stuff if you complete all the stages in the quest.

Dancing blades: Slicing up some stunties.

And at Rank 20, you get to purchase your mount. Dark Elves have the coolest looking ones on the destruction side, a T-rex (not barney the dino) (as opposed to boars, wolves and a dark horse)

Semantha the Thai princess on her T-Rex. ^^