Thursday, September 4, 2008


So the move wasn't too bad after all. Granted the place is smaller and everything's more compact but the view is great and sharing a room isn't too bad after all. Unfortunately, there's something a little off with the air, I think they have a term for it, old office syndrome or some crap like that. So basically a large number of peeps are down with some sort of respiratory ailment, be it the common cold or a rasping hacking cough.

Personally, my nose felt like it'd been stuffed with wads of soggy tissue leaving one with no option but to breath in raspy gasps through the mouth. Which just gives one a bad throat from breathing in all that air. Naturally when all that happens, you call in sick.

Which gave me time to sleep in, wake up at noon and generally bum around after seeing the doctor for the mandatory course of medicine. Decongestants are such a wonder, it's hard to fathom sometimes just how people survived in the past without modern medicine.

I restarted Wow again on a whim while waiting for the open beta for the eagerly anticipated Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to commence this weekend. I pretty much only pvp on WoW these days, the high end raiding content is out of reach due to both time and the job, so WoW (for the mage at least) is still limited to PvP.

It gets a little boring if you're in the grinding honour points kind of mood but if it's just the occasional Battleground, it's still fun. Playing Errath took a little getting used to again, which means i kept getting massacred for the first couple of BGs. But these kind of things are intuitive and I was able to pick it up again quite quickly.

There's been loads of changes since I last played but if there's one thing still certain, the mage pvp spec is still undeniably frost. In the sense of survivability, sheer combat control and steady damage. Plus if you're a groupie kind of player like yours truly, you'll find the frost mage really excels at control and sneaking in the occasional pot shots while ensuring you stay alive to get as many kills as possible.

Taking advantage of the terrain and unleashing torrents of freezing fully upgraded blizzards on bunched up enemies which dramatically slows them with the occasional chance to freeze the poor sods is another highlight. And of course as a frostie, you die a lot less than your squishier fire and burst damage arcane brethren. Some damage traded for survivability and CC with your very own pet. Not bad at all, if you consider staying alive = more kills= more honour= often top fragger. So yes WoW is still entertaining... for now.

3 more days to open Beta and 8 more days till the head start for Warhammer Online and I am so looking forward to it. Warhammer Online promises to be a whole lot more exciting than WoW with the chance to participate in public quests or pvp in the realm v realm or just raid the opposing faction's fortress and cities.

For those who love unmitigated war and outright slaughter without neglecting the PVE aspect of the game, Warhammer looks set to be the game. Not to mention the fact that unlike WoW where the whole idea is to level grind till the level cap and do all the high end content, in Warhammer, one experiences the entire game and varied content from the start.

I'm still undecided on which class I'll like to play for the Destruction faction. After all being so used to the 'glass cannon' concept of WoW's mage I may probably just end up as a Dark Elf Sorceress. After all the idea of bending magic ruthlessly to one's will and harnessing great power at the potential expense of imploding from all that power is highly attractive. So three more days till a nubile half naked Sorceress unleashing dark destruction on the forces of Order makes her debut.

And no, it had nothing to do with that sizzling scene between the female Dark Elf Sorceress and her nemesis female High Elf Sword Master in the new Warhammer trailer below. Don't mind me but it appears that some implication of hot girl on girl action especially if the said girls are sworn enemies always sells. But Warhammer is not your average MMORPG in that way. 3 More Days.

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