Monday, March 24, 2008

The Weekend in pictures.

I screwed and banged a lot this weekend, probably more so than I'd done in the past four years or so. Admittedly, it wasn't the kind of screwing and banging I prefer but it was gratifying nonetheless. There is something innately satisfying in being able to build something from its initial components, especially if DIY assembling isn't really your thing.

So fixing together a 60 bucks computer table from scratch on Friday night proved to be a sweaty yet strangely therapeutic two hour affair that ultimately gave a sense of amateurish accomplishment.

Never mind that one hole was too big for the allotted screw and I had to hunt through my dad's toolbox for wood chips or that I nearly pulverised my thumb while trying to hammer a nail in a particularly inconvenient position. The table's ready, now to do the homework and determine the desired components for the computer.

Building up the components..*Deep Breath*

Getting there...the end is in sight.

2 Hours more DIYs for a loooong time.

Other than the perfunctory Good Friday and Easter Sunday services which were standard (ie: boring), the rest of the weekend was pretty much spent on the three new Wii games I bought on impulse on Friday too.

After all, Naruto was the game I almost always only played on the woefully neglected wii. I must confess that the retail therapy didn't disappoint even if it did set me back a hefty 259 bucks. Though exercising just became a whole lot less of a chore, so I'd say it's worth it.

Triple whammy: Mortal Kombat, Super Smash Bros Brawl and the highlight, Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party.

Dance mat all set up and ready to go :P

Started at 11pm and only stopped at 1.30am, after I felt a little faint from all the frenzied jumping, stomping and wild hand swings. Attempting a 192 beat per minute Karma Chameleon at 1 am in the morning is not advisable. Still, it was the best workout I'd had for a long time and while tiring, remained incredibly fun. It didn't matter that I felt I was cursed with two left feet, my highest grade then being a dismal D, though I'm happy to report I've a total of 5 'A's now. Woot.

Good repertoire of songs with more which are unlockable plus the workout mode which calculates how much calories you've burnt based on your weight and lets you set a self-determined target for the session. If they had this in the 80s, maybe Jane Fonda would have gone out of business.

So many things to do, so little time. And the next two weeks are looking to be positively hellish for work due to two upcoming trials. Bah. Well at least I'll be able to jive those calories away.


wildgoose said...

That looks fun - DDR, not building the table. I always want to ry something like this but not in public. =P

Jonathan said...

DDR sounds like fun! Reminds me of the times when Class 95 or whatever station has a non-stop retro music segment on a stay-at-home Saturday evening, and I pump up the volume and jive and jump about.....

Was listening to Hirai Ken's new album in the car on the way home just now, and I would heartily recommend it, and he's such a dreamboat... ^^

Aelgtoer said...

WG: Heh heh it is! Plus you get to exercise at the same time. And like you pointed out, we all want to try something like this and not have to worry about looking a\like an utter imbecile in front of strangers. ^^

Jonathan: Lol. The ex used to do that too. Old fogeys like me listen to brian richmond and his Studio M on saturday evenings hur hur.

Hmmm dreamboat? Lol I assume you're talking about his singing. Just finished listening to Louise's Two Faced, which brought back memories of all that JC angst.

Btw you catching Kathy Tunstall's concert later this week?

Suzie Wong said...

ah well done you on building the table...that's such a manly thing..hahahaha

Jonathan said...

Dreamboat in all respects - haha ... check out his latest album cover -

Not going to KT Tunstall as no one else is interested :p

I hope the trials are going ok ... any settlement overtures?

Aelgtoer said...

Suzie: Ya hor, there's a straight man hiding somewhere inside me. haha.

Jonathan: Hmm yummy, he's mixed? I used to be an avid fan of Masaaki Fujioka, that kid has such a mellifluous voice, back when I was still in my J-pop/J-rock craze.

Though I still listen to a few favourite tracks now and then.

If you really like Kathy you should just go anyway, heh haven't really listened to her else I might consider going.

The trials start in April and both matters have been dragging on for a while with the usually collapse of settlement talks yada yada.

So basically because the other parties are anal retentive, we'll just have to go slug it out in court. Lots of work but hey that's liti.. ^^

Jonathan said...

Apparently he's not mixed, but people do comment on his unusual look. My guess is that one of his ancestors was probably Ainu, the indigenous hill tribe people of Hokkaido who exhibit very strong Caucasian features....

If I feel spontaneous (and alive) enough I just might go to see KT tomorrow - still a lot of decent seats available ....

Well, if parties can't settle, let them have their day or days in court and your firm can bill big time - which is the whole point of liti ^^