Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Geek Speak

It took just 40 mins to settle on the components, one trip to the atm and seven hours later, I bundled a bunch of boxes into the cab (with some help from the store assistant naturally) amidst the torrential rain.

I've always liked fixing up computers, connecting the cables and getting the system booted up and running with the necessary updates. And like any idiot can tell you, the pleasure is immeasurably increased, when it's your computer you're fixing up. And the end result:

$1971 poorer but it's money well spent, considering the specs are much better than what one would get at that price for your average pre-packaged computer. I'm still getting used to the monstrous LCD screen after being so used to a 14.1" laptop screen and the crummy 17" crt monitor for ages. Which is good for porngaming i guess.

I'm glad I went to Fuwell at Funan instead of Sim Lim where I'm told the queues are horrendous and the service leaves much to be desired. Broke but happy, that pretty much sums up my position now. ^^

Computer Specifications:

Intel Quad Core E6600 2.4 Ghz 1066Mhz/8MB L2
Asus P5K P35 LGA775 Motherboard
Kingston 2GB x 2 5300/667mhz DDR2 RAM.
Microsoft Windows Home Vista Premium
Seagate 500GB 7200RPM 32mb SATA II Hard disk
MSI NX8600GT 256MB DDR3 PcI-E video card (Overclock edition)
Samsung 20x DVD +/- writer
Cooler Master elite 332 casing with 12cm fan and side window.
Altec Lansing VS 2321 2.1 Speakers
Samsung 2253LW 21.6" Widescreen LCD
Logitech G1 gaming desktop
Linksys Wireless G compact USB adapter
Cooler Master 460W Extreme Power Plus power supply unit.


wickedtats said...

Are u watching porn..... somemore is a girl?

Aelgtoer said...

Aiyo stupid A. why on earth would i be watching STRAIGHT porn and on youtube at that? lol.

Hmm though I must admit it looks decidedly leggy. Probably the music video of Too little Too late la.

Anonymous said...

how much the samsung 2253lw? is it a good monitor?