Saturday, March 15, 2008

Title: Not everything needs one.

He's found someone new, having met at St James a week through a mutual friend a week after the break-up. They're currently getting to know each other better which apparently is their lingo for dating and deciding whether this is the man they want to wake up beside to.

I appreciate that he told me everything in the phone conversation we had just 4 days ago. Even when he isn't obligated to do so. I'm happy for sean and wish him all the best. Then why this bitter aftertaste in my mouth?


Anonymous said...

Bitter aftertaste, only because you are human.

Anonymous said...

hey dude.

came across yr blog by chance.

just wanted to say that my ex also got together with his new bf less than a month after he initiated the breakup. which sucks.

and yea the bitter aftertaste is still there after a long while (7 mths to be exact). sometimes its more intense, sometimes it fades, but i guess what i wanted to say is that in a way, u get used to it.

u get used to it =)

Aelgtoer said...

Anon 1: Thanks CS. That's always the problem isn't it, being human.

I'm not even sure I meant the 'I'm happy for him' part, it's almost perfunctory. It's what most humans would say.

Anon 2: Hey, that sucks I agree. We get used to it, I hope so. We'll never like it but someway, somehow we'll need to move on.