Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Chinese New Year.

With each passing year, the festive mood diminishes for the usual festive holidays. Chinese New Year, unlike Christmas and inspite of all the garish commercial klutz, never failed to get me to get me into that festive mood as I looked forward to a few days of unbridled pigging out and racous interaction with the cousins and relatives. The key word being 'used', cause unfortunately for some reason or the other I'm totally devoid of any festive joviality for this year's lunar new year.

I blame it on work. It kind of puts a damper on anything remotely festive, or perhaps it's just a lack of what aileen so aptly calls it, 'dong dong chiang' music. We'll see, my dad always plays his ancient Chinese New Year tape without fail, during the yearly last minute frenzied spring-cleaning session on the eve. I doubt so.

And yet it's rather weird that I'm in so fey a mood, this artificial high and lightness in the spirit probably induced by the prospect of the upcoming long weekend and the ability to go berzerk with no reservations at the annual gastronomical reunion dinner. After all not everyone gets steamboat with DIY barbeque as well as a whole host of other cooked dishes to choose and pig out from at their reunion dinner. Granny as always is such a chum for being able to feed her ravenous brood of kids and grandchildren. Ooo and the booze!! Ha ha.

About time to pack up and call it quits till monday. With this, my dear readers, I leave you to your devices. Enjoy the drunken revelry and gastronomical debauchery which so oft precedes the eve of a festive holiday especially one as mammoth as Chinese New Year. And for what it's worth, Happy Chinese New Year.

To the celebrants, food, drink and the astronomical chance of sex (for most people seem to want to do some celebratory 'loving' on the eves of festive days) await, so enjoy. Adieu.


Anonymous said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you ;)

sinlady said...

all good wishes for the new year!

Aelgtoer said...

Nat & SL: Happy Lunar New Year! May this year be better than the last:)

wildgoose said...

Happy Lunar New Year!!