Thursday, January 3, 2008


Yes yes, it's been long. But better late than never isn't it? And no the ironic thing is I've not been bogged down with work, well not just yet. I prefer to call it creative inertia, you have things to blog about but by the time you get back from work, wash up and realise there's only a precious few hours left before it's time to head to bed and well.. you just end up doing other things. I haven't even watched the past 3 episodes of Bleach.

And it doesn't help that after a year long hiatus, I restarted World of Warcraft after succumbing to my cousin's relentless tempting. His logging on Errath and getting an instant guild invite back to my old guild as well as a slew of OMG! Is that the real Errath Errath? was the final straw that broke this camel's back. So yes, I have been a happy noob exploring the new lands of Burning Crusade on both the mage and priest a whole year after it was received, only to see erstwhile proteges all decked out in Tier 4 and Tier 5 gear while I still run about in my Tier 2. ^^

Somethings however remain constant and immutable like porn, sex and the fact that you'll always find some piece of work sitting on your desk or lurking in your inbox like a rabid fury warrior in WSG. Back to work. All remaining 25 mins of it. Muhahahaha.


virtual1979 said...

Hi, I chanced upon your blog while looking up for more info about the song "Panorama" (which I totally fell in love with).. well, just would like to say "Ganbatte!" and I really had a wonderful time last night reading about your "journey" in life ^^

Don't worry too much about work and $$$, it will all smoothen out in the near future. Take it from someone who started out just about the same. Just need a little bit more time and patience ^^;

Really glad to read that even with the rat race and kiasu-isms going on, you managed to put things together the important things in life: love, friends, work and personal stuff.. something which I haven't quite managed to do myself. You have my respect!! ^^

So, reading your blogs really cheered me up and made me feel that perhaps, I can also try my best and move forward ^^ Thanks, your blog is balm for the broken soul, or closer to home, the proverbial bowl of warm chicken soup for us :) (sorry, my analogy sucks, being manglish, er, Malaysian-english educated.. haha)

cheers from malaysia

Aelgtoer said...

Hey there,

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you liked my rants and all, inconsequential as they may be. :) Not too worried about work and moola now, think that's pretty much taken care of, though for the work life balance bit, hey who doesn't want it right? ^^

And I still struggle trying to balance the important things in life but i guess what's important is that you don;t stop trying. I'm sure you will too.

Glad my blog cheered you up in any way, yep just do your best and move on after all no one owes you a living just like you don't live your life dictated to by the whims and fancies of others (That special one doesn't count- but then again you won't be living on each other's whims and fancies.:)).