Friday, November 16, 2007

Old Changi Hospital.

Yesterday instead of mugging (what's new), I paid changi hospital a visit with a bunch of other like-minded bored souls. The old one that is. We figured we might as well go since it'll be torn down soon. So determined in our efforts to get spooked were we, that we returned twice, once in the late afternoon and another again after dinner. If only because the afternoon sojourn while a little creepy rapidly lost its freaky factor as the shadows lengthened and voracious swarms of mosquitoes attacked.

The place I must say is really more rundown than scary. Everything's in a state of disrepair (duh) with assorted fixtures dangling precariously from the ceiling, pools of fetid water and a crap load of debris. The evening expedition did take on a whole different flavour though, there is just something about the dark and having to make do with a tiny torch wielded by someone who shrieks everytime a bat flies past.

We did stumble upon the mortuary(?) in the basement, an area we didn't explore earlier, one which was arguably the freakiest place of all. Four sweaty peeps huddled close in a formation that gravitated towards torch light which swung about frenziedly was an interesting experience. I screamed. The rest certainly did too and Kate looked like she was hyperventilating at one stage with her black woman declarations of 'Oh god, oh god, I'm too old for this!'

Still, other than a couple of goose-bump inducing moments the night was largely uneventful. No headless ghosts or women crying out for their babies. No apparitions materialising out of thin air. Though I'm pretty sure if we shone the torch at a particularly dark corner and a sight like this greeted us;

we'd have run shrieking from the place faster than you can say boo.


Suzie Wong said...

haha, you crazy people! nothin better to do isit?

Aelgtoer said...

haha ya, we were bored. ^^

sinlady said...

bored is better than crazy :)

Anonymous said...

hey. can tell me how to go old changi hospital from pasirris.? TY.(: