Sunday, November 11, 2007

Carnal Confession

I was chatting on MSN with an acquaintance the other day, an old flame to be precise. One of those occasions that people who have never communicated for years decide to do so on a whim and suddenly realise they have so much to talk about. The conversation started out with the perfunctory "Hey how have you been, not dead yet?" kind of greeting before inevitably progressing to the current state of affairs and our sex lives. Or the lack thereof in his case.

"Work's such a bitch." he moaned. "Tell me about it, I'll be joining you soon." "Hope you like the long hours." "Not much of a choice there..." Then he was groaning about how little time he could spend with the other half, a tertiary student seven years his junior and how the inability to fuck as often as they would like to sometimes added to the tension. A fact I fully commiserate with, precocious testosterone driven male teenagers with mental faculties of reasoning that largely reside in that turgid member between their legs are perpetually horny and almost always thinking about sex. I should know, I was a teenager once. Heck, I'm almost 25 now and I'm still horny. Just not always.

Whereupon J. suddenly declared.
"You've always been a carnal creature. You know that don't you?"
"Huh?" I offered taken aback, unbidden mental images of a Pan-like orgasmic revelry coming to mind.
"You know, always being so impulsive and going for what you want. You even lose yourself so totally in sex."
" Well, doesn't everyone? I might be a beast in bed but outside of it I'm pretty human."
"That is debatable."
"Oh really? Aren't you one yourself ? Sex in the office and while attached too." I rebutted.
"Just a moment's indiscretion. I remain a perfect gentleman." came the reply.
"Right, right. Many moments of indiscretion if I recall correctly."
" Ha ha, those were the days."
"Yep, those halcyon days."

I guess there is some truth to his observation though, disturbingly phrased as it may be. Except for stuff that would result in potentially disastrous consequences(ie: Death or getting locked away for a looong long time), I've never really thought twice about making decisions or going for things which promise potential gratification. It's always been do/get first and worry about the consequences later.

This habit of living for the moment and instant gratification probably has to be my greatest fault, it certainly doesn't bode well for the wallet. One reason why I absolutely detest window shopping: because there's a chance I'll see something I fancy and grab it at all costs without stopping to ponder every single merit like Sean (sometimes so exasperatingly ^^) does. A habit that unfortunately causes him much grief sometimes, most recently manifested in the form of my Wii purchase. Sorry dear:P

So yes, in that way I am very much a carnal creature, though it may sound unpleasant, it remains an inescapable fact that my personal philosophy appears to be enjoy now, think/worry later. Hardly a prudent one but certainly very enjoyable. I am trying to change though, if not only for the fact I'll give Sean a heart attack at the rate I'm going. Some priorities however will never change. Like Sex or Balancing Work with Play.

Which is the reason why I'm going to play Naruto on the Wii now. Time to indulge in some carnality. Ta ta.


Suzie Wong said...

Sure your ex not dropping a hint? Ahem!

Aelgtoer said...

Shh! Sean will kill me. Ha ha nah he(J) is direct when he wants something and erm we weren't attached. Just a MNS. Besides we're both happily attached now, so yep nothing going on here. ^^