Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Little Things.

I was reading 'Stars' by Keiko Konno, one of the two new yaoi manga I bought the other day. I'm glad I did, even though the cover work didn't look very attractive initially. It dealt with the complexities of a working relationship rather nicely and the main characters and their reactions were something any gay guy could relate to. To sum it up shortly, not your usual Yaoi fluff but a more in depth look at the problems two gay guys would face in their relationship as it progresses and how they handle it.

But the last two pages at the end really did hit home the axiom that in a relationship, the little things are what make up the whole and it so nailed the 'Morning After Sleep In' situation, it's a snapshot almost. We've done that too, in some of those rare sleepovers together, repeated almost the exact same words ( well except about the BO part) : your breath stinks, I'm so hot - move a bit, your bristles hurt and yes let me sleep a little longer.

(Snapshot from 2nd Last page of Stars by Keiko Konno- Read from Top right to bottom left in the typical manga style) Click to enlarge.

But inspite of the complains, to wake up beside the one you love is a simple but beautiful thing. A comfort sometimes taken for granted, even if only in the bleary-eyed mildly grumpy moments of half-awakeness.

(Snapshot from last page)

And the mangaka sums it up nicely, we do what we can for each other (something all lovers gay, straight or bi would), doing the little things together to pass the time while enjoying the other's company. Then when I realised I was happy, I knew surely that I could call this bleary eyed man beside me, tousled hair and prickly bristles, my one true love.

Spell by Fujiyama Hyouta


Suzie Wong said...


sinlady said...

okok. so sweet. we also trying hard to be lovey-dovey all the time :)

Aelgtoer said...

Heh I read Ming's blog first before coming over. Actually, we're not lovey-dovey all the time, you know and I know after being together with another person for so long sometimes you take each other for granted. Not that that should be the way of course but it's almost impossible to maintain the initial 'honeymoon' stage for so long.^^

Sometimes it's the little things that serve to remind us of just how precious that significant other/ special someone is to us. So you do things together and stuff and even though things aren't always rose-tinted and smooth sailing and we grumble, they still remind you of that special loved one.

And I still think that waking up in the morning beside your loved one, even though the two of you may be hot and not smell or feel like a bundle of roses, is a simple yet joyful comfort. :)

Bazboi said...

I have not felt that kind of feeling yet. To me being able to wake up and knowing there is 'you dear' who loves mi as much as i love you dear has already been very sweet for me to continue the day wifout seeing you for the past few days.

However, it will of course be a great blessing to be able to wake up every morning to be able to see you beside me and give you a deep morning kiss.

Love you dear. Looking forward to start our next phase of our life.

wildgoose said...

awww.... sooo sweet. :D