Wednesday, September 19, 2007

City of Villains

I started playing City of Villains again at the behest of Anthony and Kevin but mainly because the entertainment value of DOTA is really short-lived, a couple of games a day and one gets bored. Plus if you have retarded allies who buy the wrong stuff for their heroes and keep 'feeding' the opponents, it's basically game over.

Which is why sometimes MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) offer so much more bang for the buck. They entertain for longer, game concepts are certainly more complex and interesting plus it provides a level of game play simply not found in your average RTS (real time strategy) games. City of Villains is basically the evil nemesis twin (it's like a different game, not a mere expansion) of City of Heroes, where instead of running about dispensing justice and saving the innocent from thugs; you create and customize your very own Villain after choosing a class from 5 archetypes and then proceed to wreck havoc on citizens, robbing banks and kidnapping people in missions as you claw your way to supremacy and infamy.

Which is immensely fun, if anything beats being a hero (which was really fun), it's being able to run amok, wrecking mayhem and terror, doing all the things you'll never be able to do in our sanitized city state. Forget chewing gum, kidnapping politicians for ransom, ripping through police squadron cars to rob the bank, blowing up other thug's bases is the norm. You even get to slug it out against enemy human Heroes in special PvP zones or conduct large coalition raids on enemy's bases.

The graphics is excellent, City of Heroes was the first MMORPG game I played and till this date, it remains unsurpassed in terms of lush graphics and realistic effects, World of Warcraft does not even come close in this aspect. The price you pay for this though is the need for a decently suitable video card, preferably at least 64 MB. And there's one other thing that still attracts me to City of Villains and City of Heroes (basically if you have CoV, you have access to CoH), the sheer unparalleled ability to customize your villain and hero, from his or her look right down to the different powers and the craft able enhancements and special powers.

You will literally never ever find two lookalike characters in City of Villains(unless the players themselves agree amongst themselves to do so), everyone is unique; the different powers chosen and the kinds of enhancements slotted to the powers only serve to reinforce this fact. And this is totally unlike WoW where customization is nearly non-existent, it's like Blizzard wanted everyone to look the same. Basically in WoW, as long as you have the same gear and spec your talents in the same way, you'll be identical to the other person. A 0/41/10 Fire-Frost speced Mage in full Netherwind regalia was virtually a sight you'd see everywhere throughout the game. And we all looked the same. Your name was literally the only distinguishing factor.

So anyway, I'm just having a blast while it lasts. Which should be till the exams come round, I did after all grind Sister Spite to level 50 2 years ago, back when levelling was a pain and debt xp was horrific after the two of them abandoned the game for a long while. And because I'm lazy and the server's coming up I'll just post some pics.

What's a Villain if he/she doesn't look like one? Introducing Butchia the Butch-er. All that's missing is a pair of bone wings, that can wait for now.

Left to Right: Kevin as Chlorophyillis the psychedelic mamasan (dominator), Anthony as Seraphim Raphael the unholy angel (corruptor) and of course yours truly as Butchia the resident butch succubus (corruptor).

Robbing the bank and slaughtering the backup SWAT team and hero sent to stop your team.

Another common past time, walloping bodyguards/other thugs to kidnap hostages.

For the latest game update, the alien Rikti invasion started, hordes of Rikti Motherships appearing with scant warning on the different cities (zones) with multiple bombing runs and aliens warping out of thin air, which naturally means a gangbang of sorts.

Big, Fat, Ugly. Villains banding together to repel the aliens.

Take that! Power Blast. Close Range head shot.

And That! Laying the hurt: The Orgy in full swing.

Which certainly reminds me of the good old times spent playing the level 50 and currently semi-retired Dark Defender, Sister Spite.

On one of those beloved portal missions, back when mission XP sucked and the experience debt upon death was horrific. We'd basically dig ourselves in against endless waves of demons for a couple of hours. It was in all senses of the word, truly epic.

Hmmm so if I seem a little pre-occupied these days (other than the upcoming deadlines), you'll know why...

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