Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Things have been moving along at breakneck speed these past couple of weeks. Some not as fast as I would have liked, others a blazing blur of activities and snappy (but thought out) decisions. Being able to get a breather, sit back and reflect is a pleasant change.

Got round to doing Lasik at long last. Haha all in one day in fact. I figured it'd be a nice fresh, almost celebratory start to a new era. A hasty yet well planned decision (all 10 mins of it) taken after receiving the excellent check up results. No unwelcome gifts from that creep of a toad.

An end to all that mind boggling drama and ridiculous antics from the psychotic creep. It felt like a very prolonged and painful version of the Bad Sex episode, just more ridiculous. The kind of drama and rubbish you see in your average chinese/ korean drama. I never in my wildest nightmares imagined that I'd be stuck in one. Who would have known anyone could be that unstable, that delusional and criminal minded for so long? I probably sent him to jail. But I have no regrets, he was unrepentant and psychotic to the very end.

Unfortunately, a couple of friends also broke up during this period of time and my heart (or what's left of it that I can spare) goes out to them. Thankfully, their breakups were nowhere as drama-filled or ridiculous as mine. Good things happened too, a dear friend finally got attached at long last, grats jjulesz babe. :P

For now, just gonna focus on the things which matter to me. Enjoy the company of friends, do the things I like and yes, live life like I love it.

"If I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me

Cause you feel like paradise
And I need a vacation tonight
So if I said I want your body now
Would you hold it against me.."


sinlady said...

happy things are going your way :)

Aelgtoer said...

Thanks! Can't always dwell on the past can I?:) How's your mahjong sessions coming along? ^^