Sunday, October 17, 2010


The past few months have seen so many changes, a marked departure from the status quo.

Of new friends and new experiences. The joys of quiet camaraderie, simple activities that are nonetheless enjoyable if not because of the company. The revival of old friendships and some not so old ones, but for all of whom, some much needed catching up. The spontaneity of actions, the heights of reactions, some wild but never dull.

The depths of disappointment, the fracturing of erstwhile strong bonds which on hindsight might not have been more substantial than dross. The confirmation that a couple of bonds and at least one in particular was nothing more than sanctimonious lip service. Hollow and fake. Though my instinct for that particular bitch was always right.

The tumultuous changes. Of love considered, contemplated then rejected for the simple reason that it was lacking. The ability to passively meet past loves and feel nothing more than genuine amicability and the quiet comfort one would feel with a close friend.

For all these changes and more, a bumpy ride at times but interesting and no less enjoyable by virtue of the company; I am thankful. Well I could do with a little more passion, more steamy trysts, but I'm still thankful. :)

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sinlady said...

you sound ok leh :)