Thursday, April 22, 2010

Life on the fast side.

Life is like cruising on the expressway. Sometimes we speed up, go on auto cruise, putter along at 40km/h or streak down the highway of our life like there’s a dozen cars on your tail. I like variety in my pace of life, too slow it becomes an absolute bore, too constant you get too complacent and dull, too fast you risk crashing and burning. Which although it sounds dangerously cool, is about as exciting as a lunatic with a death wish. Not.

Flirtation is no different. Sometimes its slow, mysterious and titillating. Sometimes its shamelessly brazen. Sometimes it’s unapologetically corny and a dizzying sprint from rest to go. Such as the one with L:

L: Ok I’m booking the tickets le. Where do you want to sit? Middle or backside?

Aelg: haha I didnt know cinema got backside lol. up to you. back side, rightside left side also can. As long as not outside.

L: Ahaha lol inside can ah?

Aelg: yeah at the backside.

Luke: inside, backside ah?

Aelg: I think that will be quite hard in the cinema but backside is good.
L: hahaha ok booked. Backside me?

Aelg: lol was that an invitation or a statement?

L: both haha.

Lol this will be an interesting date.