Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shut Up & Drive

Joy oh joys, one of the few times I post a video that is decidedly attractive to my straight male readers. Lots of hip thrusting, skimpy attire, sultry looks and killer heels from a member of the correct gender.

I can see why some of my heterosexual male friends are quite hung up over Rihanna. That woman knows how to strut her stuff and she oozes sex appeal. In fact, in her 'Shut up & Drive' Music Video, she practically drips sex appeal, like the rivulets of sweat that streak down the faces of many a hot-blooded virile heterosexual male as they watch the said video and coalesce in little pools of sweat and drool on the keyboard.

No I'm not turning straight nor am I seized by any particular urge to wank off when watching Rihanna's steamy MV. Just a neutral observation from an amused bystander. If I were straight though, I doubt I'd be able to make such dispassionate rationalisations.

I must admit this song is very catchy and yet witty in the naughty and almost raunchy sense. Fast Cars, Hot chicks servicing those cars. What could send a male heterosexual into seventh heaven faster than this deadly combo? Unless perhaps of course the hot chicks necessarily end up serving them. That would be a nose bleed of epic proportions.

Shut up and Drive is naughty, rude and provocative. It's all about wanting to be driven and she promises to be a hell of a ride. Plus it's the kind of song you just want to dance to. The kind of song you'd possibly want a chick you really dig to sing to you. "So you wanna drive the Lamborghini, Ferrari or Meee?" Shut Up and Drive! *Cue screeching tires*

Shut Up and Drive by Rihanna

Rihanna Lyrics
Shut Up and Drive Lyrics

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