Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So unless you're blind, deaf or simply dropping in for the first time, you'd have noticed certain substantial changes to the blog.

We all like a little change once in a while, tweak what we have, junk the crap, add a little spice. I'm no different. Besides certain individuals have always been bemoaning about the auto playlist. "I always get a heart attack when I visit your blog you know!" I must confess it appeared to be a highly novel and attractive idea when I first dumped it in sometime early last year.

The novelty did wear out after a while especially yours truly was too lazy to upload new songs/weed out old links and left the same song on the list for months even when we all know some days our mood dictates that certain songs are not suitable.

So that got axed (celebrate now Aileen) along with a whole slew of dead widgets and unnecessary links. And got replaced with the embedded Youtube playlist which is infinitely more useful (no heart-attack inducing auto starts) since I happen to be a rather Rabid Youtube viewer now and sharing videos is now that much easier.

But I must admit that the most tedious but gratifying part of the blog renovation was stitching together the background with a decidedly primitive Irfanview. I like Irfanview for simple no brainer stuff like batch converting files and resizing them.. but stitching together a decent background took a torturous one hour. Still the end result, embossed on impulse with the apt 'Pieces of Me' was better than I'd expected. Junking the boring ole Waterfall was something I did with great glee.

I did toy with the idea of changing the blog name. But somethings like the proverbial baby and the bath water should not be discarded. I'm still gay and I still say things the way I see it. Besides the blog won't be quite the same if it wasn't so unashamedly gay, would it. But for now I'm happy with the changes.

On a wholly unrelated note, today was an absolute nightmare at work. Client wanting to change agreed position before hearing then refusing to provide further monies to account despite work not being billed since May. Client screaming on the phone. Informing stark raving mad woman we will be discharging ourselves. Cue more screaming. Bapok lawyer forgetting about hearing.

Judge annoyed at our application to discharge. Client screaming. Other side panicking over perfectly justified letter and the need to cover own ass then screaming over the phone. Yours truly screaming on the phone. Damnit just drop dead already.


wildgoose said...

Very complicated. Luckily i ne'er have to deal with screaming lawyers. =P
and erm... why they so no no need pay ah? my lawyer always bill me within days, usu two.

Aelgtoer said...

lol you shouldn't have to. And this was one of the files i took over half way.

To put it simply, the previous person was too nice to push for payment.

sinlady said...

bapok lawyer? LOL

Aelgtoer said...

Well if you see just how bejewelled he is and how he talks you'll understand why. Besides he's the only lawyer I've encountered who says, "Oh and please send my love to xx and yy. Such a pleasure working with you people."

It took an enormous amount of self control to tell him point blank that his sentiment was not shared.

Jonathan said...

That's why I'm so glad I'm doing IP .... it's so much more civilised ....

Bapok lawyer - that was quite funny indeed ......