Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!!

Life's a funny thing. Tracks once presumed to be permanent and steadfast abruptly disintegrate into nothingness and the momentum of a friendship, a relationship, a continuum of interactions grinds to an abrupt jarring halt. Doors close. New ones, never before envisaged, open. Old trains get derailed. New trains set off for an as of yet unknown destination.

Funny that a person as nonreligious as I should be dating a person who's an ardent catholic. Though I've always believed that religion should never be an issue in a relationship and that was one of the first few things we clarified. Though I must confess that for a nonreligious person, I enjoy black gospel songs, often having an inexplicable urge to burst into song when listening to them.

For one, I find them incredibly uplifting and joyful. For another, the sheer power of a choir, a band of people singing in harmony is undeniable. Sometimes, just sometimes, I think there's a black gospel choir woman in me just screaming to get out. Ha ha.

I love this song. It's joyful, exuberant and always uplifting. Turn up the volume and let the inner black woman/man sing. ^^ O Happy Saturday!!!

Oh Happy Day by the Choeur Gospel Celebration de Quebec & Sylvie Degroseilliers

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