Thursday, August 20, 2009

One Month

What a difference one month can make:

To strengthen an incredible friendship, platonic yet true.

There are few things I believe in, loyalty and reciprocity being examples; you happen to be one. Thank you.

To forge a new friendship, fresh yet intense.

The dreams in which we meet pale before a single glimpse of you. Amazing how two individuals worlds apart should feel so close. 夢ぢには あしもやすめず かよへども うつつにひとめ 見しごとはあらず.

To reaffirm current friendships, familiar yet comfortable.

Like comfortable old cushions that are always around but often overlooked, they remain a rustic source of comfort and rapport.

To abnegate a superficial friendship, fun yet worthless.

To 'Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under't' is anathema to a friendship. Do not profess to understand what you do not. Do not preach what you do not practice. Hypocrisy- the most abhorrent betrayal.

All in a month.

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