Friday, May 1, 2009

Strange Comfort

It is oft said, is it not? That sometimes we find comfort in the strangest places, in the most unlikely circumstances, when we least expect to. In the rhythmn of an incomprehensible song, the gesture of a relative stranger or the impact of some memorable scene.

Rarely in the arms of a stranger, for the comfort found usually confused with the need for succor, be it release or sympathy. And the comfort obtained is as fleeting and ephemeral as a passing breeze.

This month has been a month of extremes. Of back breaking long nights to clear work and wild, hard partying. Of mind boggling hateful bigotry and redemptive affirmative rejection of the said bigotry. Of articulate verbosity and the utter lack of desire to blog. Of resigned indifference and the rapid rounds of meet ups.

To find comfort where least expected, the reassuring squeeze from a new found friend, the carefree banter with a long lost friend, the uplifting inspiration from an unknown song and the quiet confidence that religious militancy and bigoted hate mongering is universally unacceptable.

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