Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dark Waters

Water in Darkness, dreams in sleep.
Lay me down in those waters of deep
To settle in its ceaseless flow
Feeling naught but a cooler breath against skin
And the sighs of whispered dreams.

Essence of truth, senses will lie.
Lay me down where the light will die
For in darkness every shadow is lost
And carefully wrought eulogies are but a verisimilitude
Bleeding into an abyss so vast.

Certainty scours so, a world without wonder
Lay me down beneath that midnight creek yonder
Where in darkness no shadows are cast
And forests reach out imploringly to a silent sky
Even as streams make pilgrimage to the sea

Ask no question, the river will answer
Lay me down on stones embraced in darkness forever
Where the hills hold fast over the plains
And the rain seeks to bind all flesh and blood
Question the river, find the answer.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your imagery never fails to take my breath away. Why so dark though?