Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Ramblings 4: Half Days.

Any free time/ time off is extremely precious when you're working. After all, save for the few of us who are gainfully self-employed, for the rest of us those free-wheeling tertiary days are over. A thing of the past. And whether you like it or not, you come to terms with it and you make the best of your free time.

Of course, what constitutes 'best' is highly subjective. I know of a couple of friends who believe that there is nothing more enjoyable and fulfilling than sleeping their weekends/free time away. Needless to say, they are reaping the 'benefits' and attendant side effects of their favourite activity. To each their own. Personally, I believe that one's weekends and free time should be spent on the various activities one enjoys, necessary errands and generally things you'd never be able to do while at work. Which, face it, is almost everything. Unless your idea of fun is work in which I have nothing to say.

I'm starting to think Half Days are a real gem (if there's no outstanding work to be rushed). I'm talking about Afternoon Half days, morning ones are a bloody waste of time and should be avoided at all costs unless you really have something to attend to.

So why Afternoon Half Days? You come in for a few hours in the morning, get the rest of the day off and get to rush about doing the necessary things, chill out, catch up with friends, all for the price of half-a-day of leave. Oh sure, you don't have the luxury of sleeping in late. But hey, you always have the option of MCs full day leaves for that.

Today's half day was packed back to back with activities and highly gratifying. First, a quick sojourn to the doctor to collect the necessary meds, followed by coffee with Kate, a long overdue visit to the dentist, followed by gym, foot reflexology then some quick shopping for essentials and a new pillow cause my old one is killing me. Or my back rather. All in all, a well spent Half Day. Nothing like sprucing up oneself to leave one recharged and refreshed for the rigours of working life.


wildgoose said...

You managed a lot in a half day. Wouldn't it be great if all work days were half days? :)no reason to dislike work then.

Aelgtoer said...

K la it's not I dislike work. That'd be quite bad indeed. Half days are great but perhaps the reason why they're so appreciated is precisely because they're rare :)