Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Days are Numbers

There are songs which you just want to sing along to, there are some which just get stuck in your head and there are others where the lyrics and song itself are incredibly meaningful, such listening to it is therapeutic. Days are Numbers by The Alan Parsons Project is all three.

There is always something appealing about going on a journey, leaving the well-trodden path along with the attendant baggages that have been accumulated over time. To leave familiarity and the past behind whether they are mindsets, dysfunctional relationships or fucked up Exes, and just venture again into the unknown. All because of some internal primal urging to do so.

And when you do set out, remember, days are numbers, count the stars for we can only go so far. And someday, someday you'll know just where you are. Enjoy.

Days are Numbers (The Traveller) by The Alan Parsons Project

- The Alan Parsons Project Lyrics

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