Sunday, December 9, 2007


Six persons. Four guys, two girls. Three couples. One straight, one bi, one gay. We ordered practically everything on the menu and went for seconds. I think the waiters were a little astounded. The banter was light and uncontrived though we were often assailed by Grace's perculiarly annoying habit of whipping out her camera and snapping mugshots of the food and people in various stages of repasting. Though her annecdote about how her boyfriend, Richmond, 'merlioned' the hor fun they were having for lunch all over her face and blouse while she was going on about some office event was highly amusing, in a gross kind of way.

I understand how it could have happened though. I spewed water all over aileen's windscreen when she was recounting how her classmates brought Yaoi to school to share with friends at the tender age of 13-14. Then it was off to Mox where Grace displayed more of her photography skills and trundled the unfortunate few all over the place just to get a perfect shot. We probably terrorised the patient staff there quite a bit with our requests for more chips.

Off to work again tomorrow. It's a mixed feeling but it'll be nice to get paid for a change and know that one can get off work relatively care-free without the need to worry about tiresome tutorials or having to prepare for some other senseless crap.


Jonathan said...

Work. The bane of our existence :P

At least it pays the bills and facilitates one's hobbies .....

Suzie Wong said...

welcome independance!